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Show business industry.

Comprehensive Services in the field of cultural  entertainment.

A wide range of offers in organizing public and private cultural and entertainment events.

1. Rental of Costumes, Tailoring

You have an important special event coming up: your wedding, anniversary, bachelor party, bachelorette party, corporate party, presentation.

The celebration of your life - diversify the event with a costume show, give yourself bright emotions and pleasant impressions.

We bring to your attention Costumes for rental, as well as individual tailoring - according to your wishes and the theme you specified. 


For questions about renting and sewing suits, please contact  by phone. ‎

+380503362626 | +380930019995.

2. Dance performance.

Production of pop, folk, modern dance. For festivals, competitions, corporate events.

Duet, solo, mass, graduation waltzes, first wedding dance. Individual preparation for specialized universities.

Private lessons - knowledge of the plasticity of your body, the embodiment of the soul in dance.

Consultations, productions, rehearsals, preparations are carried out by certified specialists with experience from the ALEXANDRIT creative workshop.

3. Meeting guests, animation, hostess.

Hostess - meeting and accompanying guests of your event.Hostesses have an attractive appearance, courtesy, good manners, and competent speech delivery.Hostess - This is the Guide of your event; the duties of the hostess include not letting guests who are accustomed to luxury and attention get bored.The range of organizations and enterprises that need the services of Hostess is quite wide - hotels, restaurants, clubs, entertainment centers, exhibitions, presentations, airports, cultural institutions.

It is difficult to imagine in our time any event without an animation program. ANIMATION - This is the generation of a positive mood during rest. Professional artists will set the holiday atmosphere in a specific theme of your event, celebration. This is an interactive experience with the viewer, bringing a number of positive moods and vivid impressions. Show TeamALEXANDRITE, will help you with the development of individual and collective animated entertainment leisure programs and their implementation. Animation programs include sports games and competitions, dance evenings, carnivals, flash mobs, and activities within the scope of spiritual interests. Professional Show Artists -ALEXANDRITE, create a festive atmosphere in a specific theme of the event at any venue for your celebration.

HOSTESS - ANIMATION - This is a kind of show, this is a set tone for your event. A selection of exclusive costumes, a script for the slogans of your Brand, at your event. Accompanying guests with a luxurious mood and a lot of pleasure, for a given time.

5. The table is elegant and lively. Dancing Service.

The table is elegant and lively - this is an original and unusual idea for organizing a buffet service. Spectacular female models in stunning outfits, whose dresses at the same time serve as tables for serving, organically fit into the program of any of your events and will gladly take pictures with guests, entertain them with small talk, and help them choose an Aperativ. The live table outfit can be presented in various themes, images, styles, in accordance with the event Brand you have specified.

For example: classic, historical, ethnic, erotic.

Buffet service, dancing service - Will surprise you and the Guests of your event:

Surprise, shockingness, Eexclusivity of Surprise.

6. Musical accompaniment. Events. Toastmaster.

Musical support for your celebration, show programs, concerts, events, presentations, model shows,sports and other spheres of culture, show industry.

  • Preparation of children's and adult talents for competitions, festivals, private and corporate events.

  • Production - show, dance, vocal accompaniment.

  • Exclusive - proposals for the development of scenarios, practical jokes, flash mobs, mass cultural events, as well as private events for your celebration.

  • Vocal training for adults and children.

  • Acting school.

  • Oratory training.

  • Psychology - voices, correct speech production, sound pronunciation, intonation skills and vocal techniques.

  • The art of speech.

  • Photographers, music video directors, stylists.

  • This is a list of minimum offers and services from our Creative Workshop Alexandrit.


Peace and Goodness to everyone!!!

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