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Ballet showALEXANDRITE was first presented to the audience in 2002 on December 6 in the heroic city of Odessa, where to this day it is an exemplary group in the creative house of the Odessa City Palace of Arts.

Has many awards and titles for his services, in particular for charitable activities. As part of the ShowballetALEXANDRITE The best pop artists work, certified specialists who speak the same language - the language of dance.

The project is being worked on by famous choreographers, choreographers, leading experts in the field of fashion designers, wholly united creative talents who create in the images of music and rhythm the brightness of painting, body plasticity, the creation of a creative image, which creates an enchanting atmosphere and an emotional upsurge of feelings in the viewer.

Throughout the entire time, the dancers of the Ballet ShowALEXANDRITEsuccessfully demonstrate their talent and professionalism on the best stages in the world, and also delight and impress the audience at the most important celebrations of their lives.

The dynamism of the talent of plastic painting, the embodiment of the soul in music, the boundless beauty in art and the show industry - Show Ballet presents to your attentionALEXANDRITE.

Show creator Alexandrite
Honored Cultural Worker
Alexandra Mamina
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