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THEMATICselection Show -based on a specific topic, with active use of visuals.
All numbers serve to express the general idea and organically merge into a single whole: dance, music, words, lighting design, sound special effects, pyrotechnic effects, projection systems, television screens.
The overall composition - which completes the entire thematic task of the event - is Ballet in artistic image, style, performance.
Odessa and everything that concerns it
Retro -Nap- The Great Gatsby
Fairy tales for adults

Individual approach.

Exclusive development of the script for your celebration, event, event.

Taking into account the interests and wishes of our clients, the preservation of artistic and aesthetic values in relation to the given topics and objectives of the event.

This is a minimum list and overview of thematic, cultural events from Our Creative Workshop -ALEXANDRITE.


  • Odessa and everything that concerns it

  • Cinema - Party

  • NEP-Retro-House

  • The Great Gatsby - Chicago

  • Princess - Circus

  • Borocco

  • Emperor - show

  • Evenings on the farm

  • The camp is leaving

  • International show

  • Circumnavigating the world

  • Paris - Cher chè la femme

  • Fairy tales for adults

  • Bachelorette party

  •  Star Wars

  • Not porn - but fun

  • Dancing Serfiz

  • I will offer my heart in my hands

  • Valentine's Day

  • Halloween

  • Day of Mother, Pioneer, Medical Worker, Cosmonautics, Builder, Green Trust, Trade Worker, Tax Inspectorate. 

  • Day of Military Courage

  • Festival of moods and much more.

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